Urgent Help needed!!!


Good day all, I urgently need some help as I have a deadline for my project coming Monday the 7th July 2008.
First of all I’m using Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition and C#
Now I have 3 problems:
1: I have a timeline control (populated by a datasource with some event info in my database) on my default page (working as stated). Also on this page I have a free web control: BDPLite (date time picker control). What I would like to do is this. I would like the user to select a date with the date time control and then the timeline must scroll to that specific date.
2: Something is really wrong with the scrolling of the timeline. I kept it standard without adding extra bands only having a date, month year band. What happens is this: As soon as you double click on the month or on the year band the timeline control scrolls into the 1865 or something.
3: How can I change the color of the dot on the timeline as I have a priority drop down list with low, standard and High and I would like to change the color based on the selection.
If anyone could please assist me with the above mentioned problems it would be highly appreciate it as I am both a novice in C# and ASP.Net.
Please, please, pretty please.